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Infomed is a Greek private owned company. We develop and support Laboratory Information and Management IT Systems (LIS / LIMS) as well as Radiology Information Systems (RIS). Our focus, since our establishment, is to provide extremely easy to use but fully functional applications. We believe and we invest in our people so we can provide outstanding products to the world market. Here at Infomed, we think the customer satisfaction as first priority and we give our best efforts in building strong relationships. Currently Infomed, has more than 200 active LIS / LIMS operating sites, ranging from small private laboratories to large hospital organizations. Financially, Infomed uses a stable policy and is profitable since its beginning as a company. Our offices are located in Athens and are fully hi-tech equipped.

Infomed was established in 1993, from healthcare IT professionals. The first product was Info-Nuclear: a RIA Nuclear Laboratory Information System, then we created Nuclear Medicine Imaging (NMI), a hardware - software system that could interconnect γ-cameras and PC's to acquire and process nuclear medicine studies.
After the great success of these two first products, Infomed created InfoDiag. InfoDiag, a product that is still active, is a flexible, fully functional LIS/LIMS for the analytical market. InfoDiag became a 'hit' for Greek laboratories and managed over 180 installations, most of them currently active. The successor of InfoDiag is sLis. sLis, our main product, is a modern LIS/LIMS that provides exceptional
functionality even with the full customization capabilities, due to the extended technology that it carries. Infomed created also several other products for the analytical market.

Our main strategy is to provide state of the art Laboratory Information Management Systems and Radiology Information Systems for the Greek and the International market. We are committed to lab/radiology automation products and we have solutions for the 21st century Lab. Our software is powerful, yet extremely easy to use, fully customizable and able to fit in any laboratory structure. Our flagship is sLis, a small to large laboratory LIS / LIMS /RIS application that can grow with your organization.

Infomed people are highly educated professionals, all with several years of experience around the lab/radiology automation market. The software developers are all Computer engineers that are committed in developing and supporting the lab automation products. Infomed is a well established Greek company, known for the quality of services that is providing and our intention is to maintain this prospect. Since Infomed was created, we cooperate with high - level laboratory / radiology scientists and we continuously embed their thoughts of GLP in our solutions.

Infomed people think quality as their means to provide stable services. We have a fully automated quality inspection and approval system for our products and services; we monitor all the design, production, service and sales procedures. We revise our work on a regular basis to provide even more top-rated cooperation with our resources and clients. Our products, before becoming commercial products, have to pass extensive b-test on selected and monitored real-world laboratories. Our quality continues to support dept where every support call registers to an electronic knowledge base. Our sales use an internal created special application to monitor the market’s and the customers’ needs. Infomed is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company.




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